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Whether acting as Developer with our equity at risk or purely as Fee Developer, the Madigan Development team will take on all responsibilities of carrying a development project through from conception to market. 


We believe in building projects that strike the delicate balance between the needs and wants of the end user (resident, retail consumer, officer worker, etc.), creative vision of the Architect and design team, and financial landscape and market realities of Ownership. With that vision in mind, we work with experts in relevant fields to define the project’s market; conceptualize, plan, and design the project to meet that market; obtain all entitlements for the project; build public and governmental support of the project; attract interest in the project from prospective tenants and/or purchasers; arrange debt and/or equity for the project, as required; and prepare the project for construction.


Our team will assemble and direct the Project Team, including the architect, contractor, engineers, and other necessary professional services to carry out an optimized development specification.  We will coordinate all Project Team meetings and direct communication, and become the primary contact for the Owner, streamlining the communication process.


We propose a Fee Structure that puts our company in the same risk/reward profile as Owner; which means putting our Fee at risk to align our company’s interest with Owner.

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