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Madigan Construction, LLC was founded to assist Madigan Development in carrying out its corporate mission to build better buildings.  Our comprehensive Project Management and Construction Management services include coordination of the development team, scheduling and directing all development team meetings, establishing and maintaining the project schedule, obtaining necessary permits, reviewing and approving all contractor and subcontractor bids, assuring compliance to project budget, conducting field inspections of project progress, troubleshooting design and construction problems, scheduling and attending inspections, approving all change orders, coordinating owner/tenant concerns, preparing punch-lists, obtaining occupancy certificates, and placing the building in service. 


As our construction arm and development arm share executives, Madigan can be a one-stop-shop for development projects of any size, but more importantly, bring the Ownership concerns and priorities into the offices and mindsets of the construction team.  


A typical construction company is in the business of building a building for profit.  A developer / builder like Madigan is in the business of bringing development projects successfully to market.  With that difference in mindset every member of the construction team gains the mindset and perspective of Ownership.


The “sine qua non” of a successful construction phase of development is delivering a project on-time, on-budget, and meeting the design and performance specifications of the development team.  Our project management teams have the established relationships with professional service providers, contractors, and government officials to assure a successful construction phase.  Our attentiveness and persistence allows us to quickly and effectively resolve project-related issues, as they arise.

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